Wish Fusiontec 770 Badminton Racquet

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FUSIONTEC Racquets are made with premium grade aluminium alloy used in the aviation industry, offering a significant increase in manoeuvrability and control.

The Fusiontec 770 badminton racquet uses an enhanced compression system, where when compressed, strength is significantly increased. A groove design is applied in all four surfaces at two and ten o'clock and five and seven o'clock positions of the racquet frame. This greatly improves the stiffness and strength of the racquet frame to allow higher tension.

Aerodynamics are enhanced with a super slim hexagon design on the Fusiontec Badminton Racquet. This significantly reduces air resistance which improves overall performance and power.

An octagonal aerodynamic design aids to reduce air resistance while providing an anti-twist design, improving frame stability and resistance to torsion.

Hot melt technology at 121°C allows resins to be precisely formulated with carbon fibres. This increases the stiffness and strength of the frame and increases overall power and control.

Woven technology greatly improves racquet strength and flexibility as well as resistance to torsion.

The combination of Nano material and resins improves racquet strength and shaft flexibility, as well as playability.


Frame Composition – Aluminium
Shaft Composition – Steel
Weight – L/100–104.9g
Grip Size – G2/3/4
String Tension – 18–22lbs
Length: 665mm
Includes Cover


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