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The Pure2Improve Yoga Set comes as a 2 piece. 1 Yoga block and 1 adjustable strap.

The Yoga Block is Black and 225x150x75mm in size. What the Yoga Block offers users is stability and support. Often, especially as beginners, its hard to feel comfortable doing all the  positions and you may not feel safe and confident to do them. That's why the Yoga block is here to offer you stability and support to help you gain confidence and then being able to perform every position. The Strap is a comfortable durable strap made from highly durable fabrics, which are comfortable but also allow for increased flexibility and reduced incidence of injury.

Both the Yoga Block and Strap help you be able to practice postures and positions safely and effectively and ultimately offers greater flexibility, relieve aches and pains, and enhances well-being to all users.

Size: 225x150x75mm (Yoga Block) 4x180cm (Yoga Strap) 

Colour: Black

Material: Synthetic

Weight: 4.71cm 


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