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The Pure2Improve Cement Barbell Set is a complete weight set that users can use freely at home, at 20kg, you are bringing the gym to your home!

The Cement Barbell set is a versatile tool for all of your weights exercise sessions.

It comes complete with:

  • A bar (130cm)
  • Feather locks
  • x3 pairs of weight discs (Weights disc pairs included are 2 x 5kg,  2 x 2.5kg & 2 x 1.25kg plates)

Why should I buy a Cement Barbell Set?

  • They save time - Barbell exercises such as squatting, bench press, overhead press, and deadlifting, offer an overall workout because they each utilize multiple muscle groups.


  • They improve athletic performance - When first exposed to a barbell routine, your body will be focused almost entirely on form; you will be learning how to use all of your muscles together to move an object efficiently. As you continue to perfect your technique, you'll strengthen your neuromuscular connection, which is considered to be responsible for major strength gains. Plus, you will be forced to incorporate balance and coordination, which machines don't demand of you.


  •  They are affordable - Many people prefer the comfort of working out at home but are dissuaded by the cost of the equipment and machinery. However, with Pure2Improves Cement Dumbbell, setting up a home gym suddenly becomes manageable.


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