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Pure2Improves Ankle/Wrist Weights are a brilliant purchase if you are striving to improve the intensity of any work of you do!

Weighing just 1.5kg (per weight) they are perfect for home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, cross-training, aerobics, gym and many other fitness workouts! 

  • Usable for home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, cross-training, aerobics, gym and lots more fitness workouts.
  • Designed for comfort and durability with reinforced stitching and neoprene padding.
  • Helps you to step up your workout routine

Pure2Improves Ankle/Wrist weights provide users with so many benefits such as:

Better Endurance – These weights can help build your overall endurance. This is because the extra force you exert helps increase your stamina, which in turn helps your cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

Tones Your Legs – If doing leg raises without any resistance already does a lot to shape your legs then incorporating weights to that workout will work wonders. It is recommended to add weight resistance when it comes to toning your legs, as it proves to be far more effective than simply doing more reps.

More Versatility – Ankle and Wrist weights can also be helpful in adding variety to your routine as you can incorporate them to your stationary exercises.

More Burned Calories – Ankle and Wrist weights can also help you burn a few hundred calories. This is because applying more force results in more energy expenditure; which results in your body burning more calories.

Extra Resistance to Abdominal Workouts – Surprisingly, ankle and wrist weights can help take your abdominal workouts to the next level. Especially since the abs are a difficult area to train and can be best targeted via compound movements.


Both weights are designed for comfort and durability in mind, this is why each weight has reinforced stitching and neoprene padding.


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