New Balance DC1280 Batting Pads

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DC1280 Batting Pads

Combination peaked and flat cane construction with 9mm Crosslink foam for ultimate shock absorption
Extra-wide, leg hugging multi-piece side wing for protection against faster bowling
Vertical bolster and three horizontal bolsters made from hi-tech Litlon foam provide heavy-duty protection while keeping pads light and comfortable
Ultimate protection self-positioning knee cup adds stability and comfort
Padded nylon straps with easy release PU pull tabs

PRIMARY PROTECTION = Peaked Cane with HDF: Peaked cane strips backed by High-Density Foam creates a batting pad with both extreme protection and a traditional look. This design is favoured by most Test cricketers because of its lightweight strength.

EXTERNAL KNEE = Multi-Piece: Broken into multiple parts this ergonomic design wraps & secures the player's knee. Excellent for managing pressure on the side of the pad by reducing strain on the rear knee strap & creating a perfect fit.

INTERNAL BOLSTERS = Three-Piece: Found in the majority of batting pads each of the three pieces surround the shin to help lock it in place during play.

INTERNAL KNEE BOLSTER = Knee Cup: Full multi-piece 3D style locks the knee in position and keeps it safe with the addition of a fibre protection cup.

BOLSTER LINING = PU & Mesh: Soft polyurethane synthetic leather centre strip surrounded by mesh is excellent for wicking moisture while still remaining very comfortable.

STRAPS = Padded: Softens pressure across the calf and reduces fatigue during a long session. Wide middle and ankle straps secure the pad during play.

SIDE WING = Multi-Piece HDF: Split into multiple High Density Foam pieces this wing allows for an excellent fit by wrapping further around the calf.

INSTEP = PU: Soft polyurethane synthetic leather provides a premium feel.

  • FRONT MATERIAL Imported High Grade PU Front. 7 Bar Modern Construction, 9mm Cross Link Foam Padding
  • VERTICAL BOLSTER Litlon + Soft Foam + Spacer Mesh
  • KNEE BOLSTER Ultimate Protection Self-Positioning Moulded Cup. Litlon + Soft Foam + Spacer Mesh + PU
  • HORIZONTAL BOLSTER Litlon Foam Padded x3
  • INSTEP Litlon Padded with PU Covering
  • STRAPS Cushioned Nylon Straps with Easy Release PU Tab


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